Why You Should Never Say ‘I Will Change’ to Your Spouse

Let me tell you why I think this is a bad idea. First of all let’s about the two categories of people that might make this utterance. First is the couple who’s been through this before. There’s been ups and downs and they’ve tried to work through it and just fell flat again. In this group, by saying “I will… Read more →

End Your Controlling Behavior (before it ends your marriage)

Yet another email:  “My spouse is leaving me because my spouse is tired of my controlling behavior.  I didn’t know I was!  Help!” Sometimes, the email tells me one thing different:  the person knew he/she was controlling — but thought it was OK. It isn’t. Controlling behavior is yet another dynamic that erodes the connection of any relationship — but… Read more →

Top Ten Reasons To Go Ahead And Divorce (NOT!)

Divorce. A big word and a big decision. One that many take too lightly. After 2 decades working to stop divorces, I have heard all the reasons people give — really the justifications. So here is my Top 10 List! 10) This just isn’t fun anymore! Reality Check: “Fun” isn’t really what it is about, is it? There is no… Read more →

4 Ways Your Marriage Is Slipping Away

This morning, I was walking my dog, barefoot, in the neighborhood.  (To clarify, it was I that was barefoot — he always is!)  It was partly sunny and in the low 50′s, so I was barefoot and in a light top. Again, if it had not been for the meteorologists, I would have no idea that destruction was headed this… Read more →

Tinnitus Miracle

Attention! If you know somebody or perhaps you yourself that has tinnitus, this read on, for this is the most important letter you will ever read…   Here you will find the only holistic treatment system put together by a former chronic tinnitus sufferer to teach you how to once and for all stop that annoying ringing in your ears.… Read more →

3 Reasons Why Won’t He Commit to You

Here are 3 possibilities why your guy won’t commit to you. I don’t guarantee these will make you feel good though. 1. If he commits to you, he can’t play the field anymore. Committing to one woman means he has to give up the possibility of THOUSANDS other women out there. It’s dumb and juvenile, I know, but it’s in… Read more →

Should I Chase Him?

Question: How should I let a guy know that I’m interested, but still letting him be the one to chase me? I want to show that I like him, how do I do that? Answer: Men are naturally ‘hunters’. They like to work hard to earn what they have, and that makes them appreciate what they have even more. If… Read more →