Why Men Lose Interest

love6It hurts so much when you’ve become emotionally attached to a man, then suddenly you find him becoming bored and pulling himself away.

Have you ever been with a guy who said all those sweet words to you and made you feel so special, but then one day just slipped away because he told you he wasn’t ready for anything serious?

Though why would he end up living happily with another woman when he said he wasn’t ready for commitment? Was it all just a lie — an excuse to escape?

The answer comes down to deep emotional attraction.

Chance is, he wasn’t lying when he said he wasn’t ready to commit. In fact, unlike women, men in general tend to think they aren’t ready for serious relationship.

A man needs a special kind of deep emotional attraction for him to realize that he needs to keep a woman that would commit and share his life with.

fewoijWhat creates that intense emotional bond for men?

There is one thing I am certain of. Men enjoy relationships for being what it is at the moment. This sounds like a stereotype, but since it is filled with truth, you would be a fool not to notice its implications for your relationship.

Research with men and women during the early stages of dating relationships suggests that women typically considers themselves being “in a relationship” after the third date.

On the contrary, men don’t consider themselves being “in a relationship” until after several months of being flings and exclusive dating.

Even when a man is dating a woman exclusively, he will still be surprised when he realizes that he’s exclusively dating someone. And what could be the reason for that?

Again, it’s of the fact that men don’t put their minds on plotting themselves on the map of dating. They think less whether they’re on the road of “single” or “in a relationship,” because they don’t think relationship defines their lives.

In order for your man to reach the stage of wanting to be committed, he must first achieve something significant.

He must experience the deep emotional attraction that would make him feel less complete without your presence.

If you would like to know how to trigger this special kind of intense attraction in a man, watch the presentation I’ve prepared for you on What Men Secretly Want below.

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What to do if your man seems unfocused or doesn’t listen to you

foijMen get preoccupied. Don’t confuse that with a loss of passion for the relationship he shares with you.

Boys will be boys. And boys get WORRIED! Never mistake their worrying with your relationship losing steam! The connection the two of you share is something entirely different.

Does this sound familiar?

You meet a handsome, interesting fellow. The chemistry quickly builds up to romantic attraction and a desire that is clearly mutual.

That special connection is palpable then and there. Like you’ve both been speaking the same language forever. And then, he begins to sing another tune, and emotionally withdraws.

You feel he’s a million miles away. He worries all by his lonesome, seemingly unwilling to share his thoughts or feelings whatsoever, completely unlike the way he acted before.
Idle conversation fails to awake any form of attentive response. Sometimes, you even think to yourself that you feel completely alone while in his presence.

What is the source of this? Must all men retreat after first showing they do possess the necessary skills to connect with women in a truthful way? What dynamic is behind this?

love6The answer is in their wiring, as in, their motivational drive. He is genetically predisposed to center his attention on the latest or hardest “task” at hand.

However, this clearly would not mean he has stopped loving you! It would only imply some other “mission” is momentarily blinding him to the rest of the earth. And now is when things get complicated!

As he seemingly pulls away from you, you feel in your gut something’s amiss. Logically, your preexisting insecurities rear their ugly heads, as do any and all negative emotions you’ve buried or held on to. The result is you being snappy with him, perhaps even passive-aggressive.

Your general mood at this point would be best summarized by the subtext, “Why are you doing this to me?”

On the other front, his mood is centered around the notion of: “Reduce distractions and focus on taking care of the problem that has come up.” Here is the operative issue present: the “problem that has come up” is almost always completely unrelated to you.

A biological imperative and ecological pressures continuously reinforced the predisposition of men for mission-mindedness. In fact, the status of a man’s mission determines a lot about his emotional state. If the mission is sailing smoothly, he is filled with an energetic joy. At such a time, he is far likelier to be emotionally engaged and present, listening to the most minute details of your life.

However, the flip side is that unexpected circumstances or unforeseen hardships that make him feel his current “mission””‘s progress is in jeopardy.

While women are likely to consider a relationship as a mission, men far less often conceptualize it as such. For them, relationships are fun things you do after you finish working on your mission.

Thus, predictably, when dark clouds gather above his place of work, his business, or whatever other goals he has decided to pursue, he will become completely distracted. Sometimes you might feel he’s spending time with you only because he HAS to.

See, being a top priority in his life doesn’t quite feel like it when he’s worried with one particularly hard or cumbersome mission. Women are often very frustrated and hurt over time by circumstances like these, after deciding to invest their lives in men.

So, how do you deal with this?

There’s always burning bras, hating men and ignoring them forever. Or seeing them as overgrown children, mocking their clearly inferior relationship skills. But, far more productively, you could employ this newfound knowledge to adapt in a way that really lets you get what you’ve wanted.

How to make it in the long run? It’s a well-kept secret by women, but here it is!

Long story short: When he begins to become distant, don’t show anger, frustration, or passive aggressive attempts to make him “feel your pain”.

That would simply reinforce his idea that the relationship must be ignored in order to more successfully carry out the difficult mission.

Instead, get him talking about the emotional impact of the difficulties he is facing.

Men don’t do this naturally, not on their own. He will likely be surprised by the amount of relief he might experience from this.

Your gentle questions and patience function as “scaffolding” to allow him to reach a level of emotional expression higher than what his own skills could accomplish.

Don’t offer to fix things. That is emasculating behavior that may cause him to react as if you accused him of outright incompetence. Just ask him what he needs to focus on right now.

If (when!) he starts talking about the circumstances instead of the feelings, just wait until he’s finished, then ask why those circumstances are so important to him.

Using the word “important,” conveys respect for the mission he’s on, which causes him to see you as an ally rather than a tempting distraction to avoid. Help him express his feelings and sort out the conflicts he may be experiencing internally.

listeningNext, give him space to work this out.

He will return to you a fuller engagement and even greater commitment and interest if you give him time and continue to be emotionally supportive.

Meanwhile, women who don’t understand this secret of the male mind will punish their guys away with increasing displays of negative emotion. He will have little tolerance for such emotion when he feels his focus needs to be elsewhere.

Don’t let your relationship end like so many before it.

fewoijInstead, be the woman who bedazzles him. Go inside his head and become irreplaceable as the one person in his life who seems to support him and understand him when he needs it most.

If you would like to learn more about how men think, and what it takes to keep a guy while building the best relationship possible, click on the link below.

Learn the #1 Hidden Reason Men Fall In Love (He’ll Thank You For This)

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The Really Frustrating Thing about Dating Men

love7Men aren’t normal. They do things that aren’t normal and think things that aren’t normal.

This leaves smart women feeling awkward because they can only guess about what to do next. Women who like to take charge and get things done don’t appreciate the feeling of loss of control when it comes to dating.

You don’t want to guess. You’re used to being effective in what you do. You’re used to working hard and getting results.

This is why we made this website. There is a code that can help to make sense of men’s thoughts, actions and behaviour when it comes to relationships and commitment. In this article I’ll show you how to use the code.

Let’s look at one detail of men’s strange behaviour that can propel even the most self-confident woman into feelings of despair. You get over your hang-ups about showing up to a social event that is geared towards people interested in meeting someone for dating.

You arrive in a great frame of mind, because you are having a good hair day and you feel confident. You are wearing the outfit that your best friend describes as “cute and sexy.”
At the event, you meet a lot of people, and you feel confident and more social than you expected.

foijIt’s not that you are rude, it’s that the few men that interact with you show low social skills and low mental horsepower. They wouldn’t be able to keep up with you if you sought any relationship beyond small talk. But you do notice quite a few men who have good social skills that you can see from across the room.

A especially notice a certain man. He is even behind you at one point, speaking comfortably about topics you find interesting. But he doesn’t come speak to you.
He eventually settles into a long conversation with some floozy bimbo that wears a dress that is way too tight and has a stupid smile and annoying laughter.

Your friend pokes you and apologizes for your, “She’s tired and has been working too hard.” You realize you were in deep thought, wondering why Prince Charming would pay so much attention to Ms. Bimbo. You hardly notice when one of the women you are standing with asked you a question.

This is the code: Handsome, smart men are used to receiving signals that invite interaction. And actually, research has shown that women begin interactions with men much more than the other way around.

Women use nonverbal signals that invite this interaction, often from the other side of the room. These signals are a vital part of what it takes to meeting good quality men.

My experience is that smart women often unconsciously suppress the natural instincts that could help her to attract attention from the man she wants to get. In my relationship and dating course, I talk about specific signals and ways you can use to be more in sync with your natural instincts. If you have the correct ingredients, you won’t have a problem finding and speaking with the type of men you deserve.

Take control now! Watch a video presentation by clicking on the link below. It is about them most powerful key to getting and keeping a man’s attention.

Find out the #1 Secret Reason Men Fall in Love (He’ll Thank You!)

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Having difficulty finding Mr. Right?

Having difficulty finding Mr. Right? Looking in all the wrong places? Let me help you! love3To find your ideal man you need to have a clear, specific picture of the man you are looking for. You need to figure out what his typical day would look like, does he like to run early in the morning, is he cultured, does he process and discuss his emotions.

When you answer these questions you can then start to determine the locations that Mr.Right frequents, whether it is a popular running route, the opera, or a book club, and you can start to involve yourself in these activities also. However if running at 6am or talking in-depth about emotive subjects does not appeal to you perhaps your imagined Mr.Right isn’t Mr. Right at all!

You need to be honest with what you want and what your interests are because after you bump into Mr.Right you need to have similar interests to get closer to him. So ask yourself questions that will give you 15 to 20 characteristics of Mr. Right and from those answers establish places and situations in which you can meet him. Once you have met him you will want to pull him closer and establish a relationship of substance and of love. My video below will show you how do just that, to amaze a man and pull him closer.

ScreenHunter_1665 Jun. 26 17.03

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Is He The One?

There are two common reasons a woman asks this question. love4

You can tell so much about your relationship depending on the reason behind your question.
It’s normal to get anxious, nervous feelings when you think about committing your life to someone.

Big decisions generate anxiety even when you’re about to make the right call, and you know it.

Yet, it is unwise to ignore emotions. Usually, they attempt to tell us something.

Emotions are so often red flags raised by our subconscious mind, by our intuition: things we know, on some level, and must realize at conscious level.

But who can tell? How do you distinguish between run-of-the-mill nervousness from a big decision versus gut level instincts telling you to turn around and run away?

The best way to tell these these feelings apart is asking yourself the following question. “Do I feel lonely when I spend time alone with him?”

If the answer is yes, the connection at the deepest level either never took root, or died off as you got to know each other better.

If you feel the need to go out, invite people over, or simply not spend all that time alone, he’s not the one.listening

Now, there’s the other reason this question pops up!

As a dating and relationship coach, quite often I hear from women who notice their boyfriend or husband has become less romantic over time.

Changes of emotional intensity are completely normal as a relationship matures. Your relationship should naturally shift through several stages.

As the relationship matures, the “romantic stage” comes to an end. Many women are sad and even fearful during this shift, due to wondering whether his interest is evaporating. You might ask yourself if he will invest in you and be good to you in a long-term relationship.

Relax. If we all sustained the romantic phase of a relationship indefinitely, we would hardly as a species have time or energy to do little other than have relationships! It’s unrealistic, and it would possibly even be unhealthy.

Two true life partners will always share passion between them, but the manner in which these feelings are expressed changes noticeable as a relationship grows and deepens in time.

Bouquets, bonbons and unexpected visits are fun, of course, but this intensity of expression usually precedes a phase of the relationship often defined by “mutual ownership.”

The “mutual ownership” phase involves you moving away from trying to impress each other. You move toward a feeling that the relationship is something you owned by the both of you, that the both of you can feel confident of and secure within. He is comfortable in your presence and feels he can really “be himself”.

Perhaps this means he takes his shoes off and puts his feet up at your place, rather than being attached at the hip to you the entire time you’re in the same room.

But if he is still treating you in a profoundly respectful way, and seems to still be interested in sharing his life with you, you have probably found a good fit.

If you’ve decided to invest your lives in each other, there’s something you should know. Love is never enough for a man.

There’s a missing ingredient if you plan to keep his love and commitment forever.

This is such an important topic, I’ve put together a short video presentation to show you what I mean. Click the link below to watch it now.

Learn the #1 Hidden Reason Men Fall In Love (He’ll Thank You For This)

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Zygor Guides

Zygor Guides – Leveling & Loremaster Guides

Huwag Mag-isip. Just Play.ScreenHunter_1658 Jun. 22 20.45
Zygor Guides ay isang in -game gabay sa diskarte ng software para sa World ng Warcraft.Bawat gabay ay kumpleto sa mga Guide Viewer , na nagpapakita ng hakbang- hakbang na mga tagubilin sa kung ano ang quests upang tanggapin, kung paano makumpleto ang mga layunin, kapag na gamitin ang mga bagay, at higit pa.Ang aming napakarilag waypoint arrow ay ituro sa iyo nang eksakto kung saan pumunta sa lahat ng oras at ang mga modelo viewer ay ipapakita ganap na nai-render na 3D na mga modelo ng NPCs at mga bagay na nabanggit sa gabay.

ScreenHunter_1659 Jun. 22 20.45Leveling Guide Zygor ay kabilang ang pinaka-optimized questing landas para sa kapangyarihan leveling 1-100 sa bilis ng kidlat.Ang gabay na software ay napaka dynamic, ang pagsubaybay sa iyong pag-unlad , tiktik kapag na kumpleto mo na mga layunin, at automating nakakapagod na gawain tulad ng pagtanggap at pagpalit sa mga misyon. Ikaw ay namangha sa pamamagitan ng mga pagkakaiba Zygor gumagawa.

Huwag Kumuha ng Lost Muli
Tuwing ang isang hakbang sa aming gabay na nagsasabi sa iyo upang pumunta sa isang lugar , ang mga Travel System ay dynamic na makalkula ang pinakamabilis na ruta sa iyong layunin mula sa kung saan ikaw ay kasalukuyang nakatayo. Ang Travel System ay kahit kadahilanan sa natatanging paraan ng transporation , tulad ng paggamit ng iyong hearthstone , at class lumunok tulad ng kakayahan mage teleport .

Hindi mahalaga kung nasaan ka sa buong mundo, ay hanapin ang sistema sa paglalakbay ang pinakamahusay na landas at ipakita ang mga resulta na karapatan sa ilalim ng waypoint arrow para sa iyo.

ScreenHunter_1660 Jun. 22 20.45Maging isang Unstoppable Leveling Machine
Maaari itong maging mahirap -alam kung saan talento na kumuha at pagpili sa mga maling isa maaari talagang lusak down iyong leveling.

Ang aming Talent Advisor ay magsasabi sa iyo nang eksakto kung ano ang klase specilization dapat piliin at kung aling mga talento upang gastusin ang iyong mga puntos sa . Ito ay kahit na magpapahintulot sa inyo na malaman ang lahat ng iyong mga talento sa pamamagitan lamang ng pag-click ng pindutan!

Ang Best Gear Para sa Iyong Characters Made Simple
Ang isang bagay na laging slows down ang proseso ng leveling ay ang pagpili ng paghanap gantimpala. Ikaw ay iniharap sa maramihang mga pagpipilian at kung suriin ang bawat isa upang makagawa ng tamang pinili. Well sa Zygor Guides prosesong ito ay ginawa hirap sa aming Quest Gantimpala Advisor. Ay agad- highlight ang tampok na ito ang pinakamahusay na mekanismo upang pumili para sa iyong mga character, o sa mga item na may pinakamataas na halaga kung walang upgrade ay magagamit.

Kapag ang iyong bagong mga bagay ay sa iyong bag , ang Zygor gabay software ay tuklasin ang anumang mga upgrade at agad na dalhin ito sa iyong pansin , na nagpapahintulot sa iyo upang awtomatikong magbigay ng kasangkapan ang pinakamahusay na gear sa lahat ng oras . Ang dalawang katangian na planta ng elektrisidad ay magagamit lamang mula sa Zygor Guides

ScreenHunter_1661 Jun. 22 20.45Maging isang Master ng tradisyonal na kaalaman .
Hindi lamang payagan ang aming mga gabay sa iyo sa antas sa bawat solong zone ang lahat ng mga paraan ng hanggang sa antas ng 100, ngunit isama rin namin ang lahat ng kailangan mo upang makuha ang Loremaster achievement rin.

Loremaster ay isa sa mga pinaka-coveted nagawa sa laro, na kung saan ay magbibigay sa iyo ng isang espesyal na title nagpapakita off ang iyong reputasyon. Maraming mga pagtatangka upang kumita ng tagumpay na ito – karamihan sa mabibigo. Sa Zygor Leveling Guides , ikaw ay isa sa ilang upang magtagumpay!

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La Tarjeta de Débito Payoneer

payoneer banner2



Esta Reseña se trata de la tarjeta de débito Payoneer y cómo te beneficiara. Yo mismo uso Payoneer y me siento calificado para dar mi opinión sobre el procesador de pagos. Okay, así que te debes estar preguntado, ¿Qué es Payoneer y como lo puedo usar? La Tarjeta de Débito Pre-pagada funciona como cualquier otra tarjeta de débito y puedes usarla en tiendas, en línea y en Cajeros Automáticos en cualquier parte del mundo donde acepten MasterCard.

Payoneer fue fundado en 2005 y es una compañía líder de pagos globales que provee soluciones de pago rentables para trabajadores independientes y afiliados en más de 200 países. Los propietarios de las tarjetas pueden recibir fondos inmediatamente sin problemas y pueden retirar su dinero en cualquier parte del mundo donde acepten MasterCard. A diferencia de los métodos de pago tradicionales – No se requiere un historial bancario o de crédito para aplicar.
Las opciones de pago incluyen:
⦁ Depositar a bancos locales mundialmente
⦁ Tarjetas de Débito Prepagadas
⦁ Transferencias Bancarias
⦁ E-wallets globales y locales
⦁ Cheques en moneda local.
¿Quién se beneficiara? 

paypal paypal payoneer us bank account paypal account verification by payoneer us payment service bank account payoneer us virtual bank account linking  payoneer to paypal

La marca de tarjetas de débito privadas de Payoneer le permite a freelancers, vendedores, afiliados y publicadores recibir sus pagos y comisiones inmediatamente.

Las comisiones de los afiliados usualmente son pagadas a través de cheques, PayPal y transferencias bancarias internacionales. Para este tipo de pagos se requiere que el recipiente tenga una cuenta bancaria, y las transferencias pueden tomar desde unos cuantos días hasta semanas completas para completarse. Con Payoneer las transferencias son rapidas y los pagos usualmente se hacen efectivos dentro de 24 horas.

Si estás cansado de esperar días o incluso semanas por el dinero que ganaste con esfuerzo, entonces este procesador de pagos es para ti.

Esta segura, eficiente y ahorradora solución es una alternativa para los negocios basados en la web que requieren pagos afiliados.
¿Quién puede aplicar? 

Cualquier solicitante que sea mayor de 18 años de edad puede aplicar. Si eres un afiliado o vendedor Payoneer te ayudara mucho, pero obviamente, cualquier persona que necesite un sistema de pago online seguro puede solicitar una tarjeta.

¿Por qué usar Payoneer? 

Protección – Payoneer constantemente mejora su tecnología para asegurar la privacidad y autentificación de sus clientes. Payoneer cumple con todas regulaciones aplicables a pagos online.

Seguridad– Si has perdido tu tarjeta recibirás una de reemplazo y tu balance sera transferido a esa tarjeta.

Flexibilidad – Payoneer ofrece opciones escalables y adaptables. Permite que otros carguen dinero a tu tarjeta y la opción de hacer transferencias bancarias rápidas con el Global Bank Transfer Service (Servicio Global de Transferencias Bancarias).

Moneda – No hay necesidad de convertir los fondos a tu moneda local. MasterCard automáticamente hace la conversión a tasas competitivas.

Facilidad – La plataforma bancaria online de Payoneer es fácil de usar y sin muchas tecnicidades.

Rentabilidad – Evitaras las tasas que están asociadas con enviar dinero al exterior. Payoneer tiene tarifas mensuales muy bajas.

Responsabilidad Financiera – Solo podrás gastar el monto que se encuentre en la tarjeta, ya que no es una tarjeta de credito, solo débito. Esto te permitirá manejar tu presupuesto responsablemente.

Galardonado – Payoneer ganó el premio “Best Business to Employment” en los Pay Before Awards del 2010.

¿En cuánto tiempo recibiré mi Tarjeta? 

Tan pronto como tu aplicación sea aprobada, recibirás un e-mail de confirmación que incluye la fecha de llegada prevista. Yo recibí mi tarjeta unas 2 semanas después de su aprobación, pero creo que todo depende de tu ubicación. Las tarjetas son enviadas con el servicio de correo internacional estándar – libre de costos.
¿Cuáles son los costos? 

Se te mostrara una lista completa de tarifas y precios durante tu aplicación. No tienes que mantener un balance mínimo en tu tarjeta y puede ser cancelada cuando quieras.
⦁ Tarifa por Consulta de Saldo – $1
⦁ Tarifa por Retiro por Cajero Automático – $3.15

¿De qué compañías poder recibir fondos? 

La lista es muy grande pero mencionare las compañías más importantes que trabajan con Payoneer:
⦁ 2Checkout.com Inc.
⦁ Amazon.com
⦁ Amway Corporation
⦁ Elance
⦁ Facebook
⦁ GoDaddy.com
⦁ Google Inc
⦁  Keynetics Inc. (Click Bank)
⦁ Linkshare
⦁  oDesk
⦁  Microsoft Corporation
⦁  ShareASale.com
⦁  Fiverr
⦁ PayPal Inc. (Detalle importante: Las transferencias de Paypal a Payoneer se permiten, pero transferencias del US Paymente Service a PayPal son automáticamente denegadas)


  • Podrás alcanzar países que otros servicios de pago no cubren.
  • Obtén pagos de múltiples redes afiliadas que ofrecen Payoneer como un procesador de pagos.
  • No se requiere una cuenta bancaria.
  • Tu cuenta se mantiene en US Dollars los cuales serán convertidos automáticamente cuando se hagan compras en otra moneda.
  • Verifica Moneybookers, Payza y PayPal con la tarjeta Payoneer.
  • Los pagos se vuelven efectivos en 2 a 6 horas.
  • Tendrás acceso a la página de tu cuenta y podrás confirmar tus balances y transacciones en cualquier momento.
  • Soporte a través de teléfono, E-mail y chat en vivo.
  • $25 serán agregados a tu cuenta Payoneer cuando recibas o transfieras más de $100 en ganancias a tu tarjeta.

Visita Payoneer

Gracias por Leer mi Reseña de Payoneer. Si disfrutaste este post, ¡por favor haz click en mi gusta y compártelo para que otros puedan beneficiarse!


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Payoneer Debit Card

payoneer banner2


Diese Überprüfung beruht auf der Payoneer Debit Card und wie Sie davon profitieren können. Ich verwende Payoneer selbst und fühl mich qualifiziert, um meine Meinung zu diesem Payment Processor zu erstellen. Ok, Sie fragen sich, wie Payoneer geht und wie wird es verwendet? Die Prepaid Debit Card funktioniert wie jeder andere ec-Karte und Sie können die Einkäufe in Geschäften, online und an Geldautomaten weltweit, wo MasterCard akzeptiert wird.

paypal paypal payoneer us bank account paypal account verification by payoneer us payment service bank account payoneer us virtual bank account linking  payoneer to paypal
Payoneer Die Firma wurde 2005 gegründet und ist eine führende globale Zahlung Firma, die bietet kostengünstige Zahlung Lösungen für Selbstständige Mitarbeiter und Niederlassungen in mehr als 200 Ländern weltweit. Karteninhaber können Mittel unverzüglich erhalten und ohne Probleme und Sie können Geld abheben, überall in der Welt, wo MasterCard akzeptiert wird. Im Gegensatz zu herkömmlichen Zahlungsarten – keine Kreditkarte oder Bankkonto Geschichte ist erforderlich sich zu bewerben.
Zahlung Optionen beinhalten: 
Einlagen für lokale Banken weltweit
Portofrei Debit Cards
Globale und lokale e- Geldbörsen
In lokaler Währung Papier überprüft.
Wer profitiert? 

Payoneer Eigenmarke Debit Cards ermöglichen freie Mitarbeiter, Lieferanten, Partner und Verlage zu erhalten Ihre Auszahlungen und Provisionen sofort. Affiliate Provisionen sind in der Regel ausgezahlt werden durch Kontrollen, PayPal und internationale Überweisungen. Für diese Art von Zahlungen ist der EMPFÄNGER verpflichtet, ein Bankkonto, und Transfers können nichts von ein paar Tagen bis Wochen zu vervollständigen. Mit Payoneer Transfers sind schnell und in der Regel die Zahlungen sind innerhalb von 24 Stunden verfügbar.

Wenn Sie müde vom Warten für Tage oder sogar Wochen, um Ihr hart verdientes Geld, dann diese Zahlung Prozessor für Sie arbeiten.

Die sichere, effiziente und kostensparende Lösung ist eine Alternative für web-basierte Unternehmen, die Partner Zahlungen.

Wer kann sich bewerben?

Ein Antragsteller, der über 18 Jahre alt ist, kann sich bewerben. Wenn Sie ein Partner oder Anbieter der Payoneer funktioniert perfekt, aber offensichtlich, wer braucht ein sicheres Online Zahlungssystem ist willkommen zu übernehmen.

Warum Payoneer verwenden? 

Sicher – Payoneer ist ständig an der Verbesserung ihrer Technologie zu gewährleisten, die Privatsphäre des Kunden und Authentifizierung. Sie entsprechen allen geltenden online Zahlung Verordnungen.

Safe – erhalten Sie eine Ersatzkarte und Ihrem Saldo übertragen werden, wenn Ihre Karte verloren hatte.

Flexibel – Payoneer bietet skalierbare und anpassbare Optionen für alle. Ich lassen andere Laden Geld auf Ihre Karte und ermöglichen Ihnen schnelle Überweisungen mit der globalen Bank Transfer Service.

Währung – Kein konvertieren müssen Mittel für Ihre lokale Währung. MasterCard automatisch die Umrechnung zu wettbewerbsfähigen Preisen.

Leicht zu bedienen – die Payoneer Online Banking Plattform ist einfach zu bedienen, ohne zu viel technischen Einzelheiten.

Kostengünstig – Sie vermeiden können, Gebühren, die im Zusammenhang mit dem Senden Geld ins Ausland. Payoneer haben geringe monatliche Gebühren.

Finanzielle verantwortlich – Sie wird nur für die Menge, die geladen wird, auf der Karte, denn es ist eine Debitkarte, keine Kreditkarte. Dies ermöglicht Ihnen die Verwaltung ihrer Budgets verantwortlich.

Preisgekrönte – Payoneer hatte, gewann den “Best Business für Mitarbeiterzahlung” Award bei der Zahlung vor Awards 2010
Wie lange dauert es, bis die Karte erhalten? 

Payoneer scam Sobald Ihr Antrag genehmigt wird, sie will eine Bestätigungs-E-Mail, die das voraussichtliche Ankunftsdatum. Ich habe meine Karte ca. 2 Wochen nach Freigabe durch, aber ich denke, es hängt alles auf, wo sie sich befinden. Karten sind im Lieferumfang des standard International Mail Service – kostenlos .

Was sind die Kosten? 

Eine vollständige Liste der Gebühren und Preise werden angezeigt, während ihre Karte application process. Sie brauchen nicht zu warten ein Mindest Saldo auf ihrer Karte und kann jederzeit abgebrochen werden.
Saldoabfrage Gebühr – $1
Widerrufsrecht Gebühren von ATM’s – $3.15
Welche Unternehmen kann ich erhalten Mittel aus?

Die Liste ist riesig, aber ich nenne einige der beliebtesten Unternehmen, arbeiten mit Payoneer:
2Checkout.com Inc.
Amway Corporation
Google Inc.
Keynetics Inc. (Klicken Sie auf die Bank)
Microsoft Corporation
PayPal Inc. (Wichtiger Hinweis: Transfers von PayPal auf Payoneer sind erlaubt, aber die Übertragungen aus den USA Zahlungsdienst PayPal areautomatically abgelehnt)

  • Sie erreichen die Länder, andere Zahlungsdienste nicht abdecken.
  • Erhalten Zahlungen aus mehreren affiliate Netzwerke, bieten Payoneer als Zahlung Prozessor.
  • Keine Bank Konto erforderlich.
  • Ihr Konto wird in US-Dollar und wird automatisch umwandeln, wenn Einkäufe sind in einer anderen Währung.
  • Überprüfen Sie Moneybookers, Payza und PayPal mit der Payoneer Karte
  • Zahlungen werden innerhalb von 2 – 6 Stunden
  • Sie haben Zugriff auf Ihr Konto Seite und wird überprüfen können, ob die Salden und Transaktionen jederzeit gemacht sind
  • Telefon, E-Mail und Live-Chat-Unterstützung.
  • $25 wird hinzugefügt, um Ihre Payoneer Konto, wenn sie empfangen oder übertragen von über $ 100 im Ergebnis zu Ihrer Karte.

Payoneer besuchen

Vielen Dank für das Lesen meiner Payoneer Überprüfung. Wenn Sie diesen Post genossen hatten bitte “like and share”, so dass also andere können auch davon profitieren!


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La Carta di Debito Prepagata Payoneer

payoneer banner2

La Carta di Debito Prepagata funziona come qualsiasi altra carta di debito e puoi effettuare acquisti nei negozi, on-line e prelievi bancomat mondiali dove viene accettata MasterCard.

Payoneer è stata fondata nel 2005 ed è un’azienda leader per i pagamenti globali che fornisce soluzioni di pagamento cost-effective per i lavoratori indipendenti e affiliati in oltre 200 paesi in tutto il mondo. I titolari di carta saranno in grado di ricevere fondi immediatamente e senza fastidi e potranno prelevare denaro in ogni parte del mondo dove viene accettata MasterCard. A differenza dei metodi di pagamento tradizionali – non è necessario alcuno storico di credito o bancario per fare domanda.


paypal paypal payoneer us bank account paypal account verification by payoneer us payment service bank account payoneer us virtual bank account linking  payoneer to paypal

Le opzioni di pagamento includono: 

  • Depositi presso banche locali in tutto il mondo
  • Carte di Debito Prepagate
  • Bonifici
  • E-wallets globali e locali
  • Assegni cartacei in valuta locale.

Chi ne trae beneficio? 

Le carte di debito ad etichetta privata di Payoneer permettono a freelancer, venditori, affiliati e publisher di ricevere i propri pagamenti e le commissioni immediatamente. Le commissioni affiliate di solito vengono pagate tramite assegni, PayPal e bonifici internazionali. Per questo tipo di pagamenti il destinatario deve possedere un conto bancario, e i trasferimenti possono richiedere da pochi giorni fino a diverse settimane per essere completati. Con Payoneer i trasferimenti sono rapidi e di solito i pagamenti sono disponibili entro 24 ore.

Se sei stanco di aspettare giorni o anche settimane per ottenere il tuo denaro duramente guadagnato, allora questo elaboratore di pagamenti sarà la risposta giusta per te.

La soluzione sicura, efficiente e economica è un’alternativa per i business web-based che richiedono pagamenti affiliati.

Chi può fare domanda? 

Un richiedente che abbia oltre 18 anni può fare domanda. Se sei un affiliato o venditore allora Payoneer funzionerà perfettamente, ma ovviamente, chiunque abbia bisogno di un sistema di pagamento on-line sicuro è il benvenuto se vorrà fare domanda.

Perché usare Payoneer? 

Protetto – Payoneer migliora costantemente la propria tecnologia per assicurare ai clienti privacy e autenticazione. Rispettano tutti e le normative di pagamento on-line applicabili.

Sicuro – Riceverai una carta sostitutiva e il tuo saldo sarà trasferito nel caso in cui la tua carta vada smarrita.

Flexible – Payoneer offre opzioni scalabili e personalizzabili per tutti quanti. Io consento agli altri di caricare denaro sulla tua carta e ti consento di realizzare trasferimenti bancari rapidi con il Global Bank Transfer Service.

Valuta – Non c’è bisogno di convertire i fondi in valuta locale. MasterCard realizza automaticamente la conversione a tassi competitivi.

Facile da usare – La piattaforma di on-line banking Payoneer è semplice da usare senza troppi aspetti tecnici.

Cost-effective – Sarai in grado di evitare tariffe associate all’invio di denaro all’estero. Payoneer presenta dei tassi mensili bassi.

Premiato – Payoneer ha vinto il premio “Best business to employee payment” agli Pay Before Awards 2010

Quanto ci vuole per ricevere la carta? 

Non appena la tua richiesta viene approvata, riceverai una e-mail di conferma che include la data di arrivo stimata. Io ho ricevuto la mia carta circa 2 settimane dopo l’approvazione, ma penso che dipenda da dove ti trovi. Le carte vengono spedite con il servizio di posta internazionale standard – gratuitamente. 

Quali sono i costi? 

Una lista completa delle tariffe e dei prezzi sarà visualizzata durante il processo di richiesta carta. Non hai bisogno di mantenere un bilancio minimo sulla tua carta e può essere cancellata in ogni momento.

  • Tasse richiesta bilancio- $1
  • Tasse prelievo da bancomat – $3.15

Quali aziende potranno inviarmi i fondi? 

La lista è enorme ma citerò alcune delle aziende più popolari che lavorano con Payoneer:

  • com Inc.
  • com
  • Amway Corporation
  • Elance
  • Facebook
  • com
  • Google Inc
  • Keynetics Inc. (Click Bank)
  • Linkshare
  • oDesk
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • com
  • Fiverr
  • PayPal Inc. (Nota Importante: sono consentiti i trasferimenti da PayPal a Payoneer, ma i trasferimenti da US Payment Service a PayPal vengono declinati automaticamente)

Punti Forti 

  • Potrai raggiungere paesi che gli altri servizi di pagamento non coprono.
  • Ricevi pagamenti da network affiliati multipli che offrono Payoneer come elaboratore pagamenti.
  • Niente conto in banca richiesto
  • Il tuo conto viene stimato in dollari Usa e verrà convertito automaticamente quando vengono effettuati degli acquisti in un’altra valuta.
  • Verifica Moneybookers, Payza e PayPal con la Carta Payoneer
  • Pagamenti disponibili entro 2-6 ore
  • Avrai accesso alla tua pagina conto e potrai controllare i saldi e le transazioni in ogni momento.
  • Supporto via telefono, e-mail e live chat.
  • $25 saranno aggiunti al tuo conto Payoneer quando ricevi o trasferisci oltre $100 di guadagni sulla tua carta.


La Mia Esperienza

Mi sono iscritto per la mia Scheda Payoneer nel maggio di quest’anno (2008) e da allora l’ho usata estensivamente. Prelievo tutti o parte dei miei guadagni sulla carta ogni mese e la uso sia per gli acquisti on-line che offline e per i prelievi bancomat. La carta stessa e i processi di caricamento funzionano sempre senza intoppi.

Dato che la mia carta di credito regolare è in dollari australiani, evito anche il costo di convertire la valuta da dollari americani in dollari australiani quando effettuo un prelievo PayPal e poi torno ai dollari Usa se effettuo un acquisto on-line con carta di credito negli Stati Uniti. Semplicemente uso la scheda Payoneer per gli acquisti con base statunitense e la mia scheda regolare per gli acquisti australiani.

Inoltre trovo molto comodo il fatto di poter scegliere di utilizzare PayPal se la carta di debito Payoneer presenta un saldo sano e io preferisco prelevare denaro verso il mio conto in banca tramite PayPal. Alcuni mesi prelievo metà su Payoneer e metà su PayPal.

Payoneer fornisce la gestione dell’account on-line completa, ottima cosa per monitorare i vostri fondi e bilanciare i conti alla fine del mese.

Visita Payoneer 

Grazie per aver letto la mia Recensione Payoneer. Se ti è piaciuto questo post per favore “metti mi piace e condividi” in modo che anche gli altri possano trarne beneficio!


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La Carte de Débit Prépayée Payoneer

payoneer banner2


La carte de débit prépayée fonctionne comme toute autre carte de paiement et vous pouvez faire des achats dans les magasins, en ligne et au guichet ATM partout dans le monde où la carte MasterCard est acceptée.

Payoneer  a été fondée en 2005 et est une société de paiement leader dans le monde qui fournit des solutions de paiement rentables pour les travailleurs indépendants et les sociétés affiliées dans plus de 200 pays du monde entier. Les détenteurs de carte seront en mesure de recevoir des fonds immédiatement et sans tracas et ils peuvent retirer de l’argent partout dans le monde où la carte MasterCard est acceptée. Contrairement aux méthodes de paiement conventionnelles – pas d’historique de crédit ou de compte bancaire n’est nécessaire pour appliquer. 

paypal paypal payoneer us bank account paypal account verification by payoneer us payment service bank account payoneer us virtual bank account linking  payoneer to paypal

Les options de paiement comprennent : 

  • Les dépôts aux banques locales dans le monde entier
  • Les cartes de débit prépayées
  • Virements électroniques
  • E-portefeuille global et local
  • Chèques en papier en monnaie locale.

Qui en profitera? 

Les carte de débit privées de Payoneer permettent aux pigistes, fournisseurs, filiales et éditeurs de recevoir leurs déboursements et commissions immédiatement. Les commissions d’affiliation sont généralement versées par chèque, PayPal et par virement électronique international. Pour ces types de paiements le bénéficiaire est tenu d’avoir un compte en banque, et les transferts peuvent prendre de quelques jours à quelques semaines. Les virements avec Payoneer sont rapides et généralement les paiements sont disponibles dans les 24 heures.

Si vous en avez assez d’attendre pendant des jours ou même des semaines pour obtenir votre argent durement gagné, alors ce processeur de paiement vous conviendra.

Cette solution sûre, efficace et économique est une alternative pour les entreprises sur le web qui nécessitent des paiements de la part d’affiliés.

Qui peut postuler? 

Un demandeur qui est âgé de plus de 18 ans peut appliquer. Si vous êtes un affilié ou un vendeur Payoneer fonctionnera parfaitement, mais de toute évidence, ceux qui ont besoin d’un système de paiement en ligne sûr sont invités à appliquer.

Pourquoi utiliser Payoneer? 

Sécurisé – Payoneer améliore constamment leur technologie afin de garantir la confidentialité et l’authentification du client. Ils sont conformes à tous les règlements de paiement en ligne.

Sûr – Vous recevrez une carte de remplacement et votre solde sera transféré si votre carte est perdue.

Flexible   Payoneer propose des options personnalisables pour tout le monde. Par exemple le pouvoir d’autoriser d’autres personnes de mettre de l’argent sur votre carte et de rapidement faire des virements bancaires avec le Service de Transfert de Banque Mondiale (« Global Bank Transfer Service » ).

Devise – pas besoin de convertir les fonds à votre devise locale. MasterCard effectue automatiquement la conversion à des taux concurrentiels.

Facile à utiliser – la  plate-forme bancaire en ligne Payoneer est facile à utiliser sans être top technique.

Rentable – vous serez en mesure d’éviter les frais qui sont associés à l’envoi d’argent à l’étranger. Payoneer ont de faibles frais mensuels.

– Payoneer a remporté le « prix du meilleur paiement employeur à employé » lors du Pay Before Awards 2010

Combien de temps faut-il pour recevoir la carte? 

Dès que votre demande est approuvée, vous recevrez une confirmation par e-mail qui inclut la date d’arrivée estimée. J’ai reçu ma carte environ 2 semaines après l’approbation, mais je crois que cela dépend de où vous êtes situé. Les cartes sont expédiées avec le service de courrier international standard – gratuitement. 

Quels sont les coûts? 

Une liste complète des taxes et les prix seront affichés pendant votre processus de demande de carte. Vous n’avez pas besoin de maintenir un solde minimal sur votre carte et elle peut être annulée à tout moment.

  • Des renseignements sur le solde de votre carte – $1
  • Frais de retrait au guichet – 3,15 $

De quelles sociétés vais-je être en mesure de recevoir des fonds? 

La liste est énorme mais je vais mentionner certaines des entreprises les plus populaires partenaires de Payoneer : com Inc.

  • com
  • Amway Corporation
  • Elance
  • Facebook
  • com
  • Google Inc
  • Keynetics Inc. (Click Bank)
  • Linkshare
  • oDesk
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • com
  • Fiverr
  • PayPal Inc. (Remarque importante : les transferts de PayPal vers Payoneer sont autorisés, mais les transferts des États-Unis par le service de paiement de PayPal sont automatiquement refusés)

En résumé 

  • Vous serez en mesure d’atteindre les pays que d’autres services de paiement ne couvrent pas.
  • Recevoir les paiements provenant de plusieurs réseaux d’affiliés qui offrent Payoneer comme processeur de paiement.
  • Aucun compte bancaire n’est requis
  • Votre compte est en dollars US et se convertira automatiquement lorsque les achats sont effectués dans une autre monnaie.
  • Vérifier Moneybookers, Payza et PayPal avec la  carte Payoneer
  • Les paiements sont disponibles dans les 2 – 6 heures
  • Vous aurez accès à la page de votre compte et serez en mesure de vérifier les soldes et les opérations à tout moment
  • Téléphone, e-mail et chat en direct.
  • 25 $ seront ajoutés à votre  compte Payoneer lorsque vous recevez ou faites le transfert de plus de 100 $ sur votre carte.

Mon expérience

J’ai souscrit à ma  carte Payoneer en mai de cette année (2008) et je l’ai souvent utilisé depuis. J’ai retiré la totalité ou une partie de mes gains sur ma carte, chaque mois et l’ai utilisé pour les achats en ligne et hors ligne ou des retraits au guichet. La carte elle-même et le processus de chargement ont toujours fonctionné sans problème..

Comme ma carte de crédit régulière est en dollars australiens, j’ai également évité le coût d’échange de la monnaie à partir de dollars US pour dollars australiens lorsque j’ai fais le retrait de PayPal et ensuite retourné à des dollars si je fais un achat en ligne carte de crédit aux États-Unis. Il me suffit d’utiliser la  carte Payoneer pour les achats au É-U et ma carte ordinaire pour les achats australiens.

Je trouve qu’il est aussi pratique que je puisse encore choisir d’utiliser PayPal si ma carte de débit Payoneer a un bon solde et que je préfère retirer de l’argent dans mon compte de banque via PayPal. Quelques mois je retire la moitié de Payoneer et la moitié de PayPal.

Payoneer fournit plein compte en ligne ce qui est parfait pour surveiller vos fonds et soldes à la fin du mois.

Visitez Payoneer 

Merci d’avoir lu mon avis sur Payoneer. Si vous avez aimé ce poste veuillez “aimer et partager ” afin que d’autres puissent également en bénéficier !


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